Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Who am I speaking to?

     As I begin to actively campaign for my run for congress, I have been thinking about who are the people that would most likely vote for me. Are there people out there that feel the same  about politics and our government as I do, and if so, would they consider supporting me?  To find out I have composed a list of the problems that I have with politics and government. In reading through this list, I hope you will get a better understanding for how I feel about government and what motivates me to run for office - you may even find that you agree with me on a few of these.

1. I believe that  Congress is out of control with regards to how they spend our hard earned dollars and I don't believe our current representatives have the courage to make the hard choices to reign in spending and get us on a path to a balanced budget.

2.  I believe that money and power and greed are influencing every aspect of how our government functions, including campaign finance, the lobbying of our legislators, and wealthy and powerful individuals and entities that have a strong influence over the outcomes of political debate.

3. I have lost faith in the idea that we have a true representative government where our elected officials serve us and speak on our behalf, rather, they choose to serve party and special interest over  the people who elected them.

4. I feel that the money spent on campaigns has corrupted politics in such a way that the candidate who wins usually spends the most money and isn't necessarily the best candidate, and it keeps most people of average means from ever having a chance to serve in public office.

5.  I am tired of watching the democrats and republican work in direct opposition of each other in stead of working together for the good of the country.  It is as if they regard any win by the other party as a loss for them.  I choose NOT to believe that there has to be winners and losers in our policy making process.

6.  I feel like the politicians' (and the political party's) primary objective is to keep their power at all costs, even if it means giving in to the pressures and power of the political machine and sacrificing their own virtues to do so.  I would be in favor of instituting term limits for all federally elected officials.

7. I believe there is no real desire in Washington to solve the big issues facing us, (like health care and immigration reform,) because the powers-that-be thrive and prosper with things  the way they are and solving problems means one less thing to split our nation over and campaign for. A divided nation is one that can be fooled in to voting out of fear.

8.  Finally, I believe our government no longer functions as the peoples voice.  Our elected officials are drunk with power and prestige and have lost their sense of decency and morality that is required to faithfully execute the office for which, we the people, appointed them.  The truth escapes them, having been replaced with a distorted reality caused by the corruption and gamesmanship in Washington.  They divide us for political gain, making us hate one another while they secretly deal in the dark.  With little accountability until election day, they work without repercussion, and when that day comes for them to ask for our vote we fail to do our job as citizens and we return these people back to the swamp.

Every election is an opportunity lost.  We say one thing and we do another and the same people return to DC  year after year. If you are brave enough to step outside of your comfort zone and vote conscience over party, we just might be able to do something special!  I can guarantee one thing. If I am elected, Washington DC will not be happy to see me in town.  It will be like cold water in the face.  They are going to be reminded who it is they truly work for.

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