Sunday, April 29, 2018

How am I different?

     My campaign for congress is in its infancy. And like my campaign, I am new to the political realm.  I'm not a politician so I don't  know how the game of politics is played and I really don't care to play the game in the traditional sense.  Perhaps I'm wrong in my assessment of campaigning but what I do know is that there is way too much money spent on political campaigns. According to a CNN study, in 2012, the average congressional candidate spent 1.2 million dollars running for office.  When I see a number like that, I cant help but imagine all of the favors that will be have to be paid back and the access that will have to be granted by those candidates. When your political party and its well know members support you financially and with endorsements, it is a foregone conclusion that certain things will be expected of you if you win.  What does this mean for me?  Let me briefly explain my thoughts about what I want to be as a candidate and your representative in Congress.
      It is my sincerest belief that the best way I can do the will of my neighbors in the 7th district is to listen to them and let their voice be my voice.  It's not surprising that many of our leaders go to Washington and forget about the people they are suppose to be representing.  Our voice is replaced by the voice of their colleagues across the hall and by the lobbyist that pay big money for special access in return for gifts.  Once in Washington there are new pressures to do the bidding of the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties in stead of the wishes of the people who elected them.  This is why I have chosen to run as and Independent candidate for Congress.  I can not, in good conscience, ask for my friends and neighbors to vote for me and support my efforts in this election and then turn my backs on them once I get to Washington. It is the very opposite of what I believe representation means.  Its where the idea for them name of my blog came from, "Of the People"  
      So I make the pledge to you now. If by some miracle I am elected Congress to represent the 7th District in the state of Tennessee, I will always listen to the voice of the people I represent in ALL matters of governing that affect the people of my district. I want to hear from you when it comes time for me to vote on any legislation that affects our district.  Through phone calls, and emails, and posts to Facebook, and even letters in the mail.  Once the people have spoken, I will likewise speak.  If I where running as a Republican it would be expected of me to tow the line - fall in like a good congressman or be "punished" for my disobedience.  Its no wonder most American believe Congress is doing a very poor job. Congress is dysfunctional and the time to set party aside and put America first is now.  President Trump says he wants to make America Great again, I say America is already pretty great, it is our government that needs improvement.  
      In a future post I will discuss some of my personal views on issues because I know there will be questions about them. 
Thank you for your time,
Brent Legendre

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