Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Brief introduction.....Who is this guy??

     I will try to keep all of my posts as brief as possible. Who has the time or patience to read a book about any one person's interest to serve the people in elected office? So I will get right to it.
      My name is Brent Legendre. I'm 43 years old. I was born in Beaumont, Texas, a city in the lower southeast corner of the state. My father is an evangelist and my mother works for a credit union. I have one sibling, a younger sister. I went to high school in Bridge City, Texas, where I met my wife, Charlsi.   In 2005, I graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Architecture and 6 months later I moved to Tennessee with my wife and 9 month old daughter, Lauren.  I've been  working for a small architecture firm in Franklin, Tennessee, since we moved here in December 2005, except for a brief time during the height of the Great Recession where I found myself mostly self-employed.  In 2010, we welcomed our second daughter, Lexi, into the world.  I currently live in Spring Hill, Tennessee. A medium size town about 30 minutes south of Nashville.
       I'm a Christian first, a husband and father second, and a proud Tennessean third and  I am running for Congress to represent the 7th District in the state of Tennessee.

     In future, posts I will talk more about who I am and my motivations for seeking office. What do I have to prove and why would I subject myself to something so difficult as running for Congress.

Thanks you for your time,
Brent Legendre

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